We are a rapidly growing full-fledged automobile dealership company with state of the art infrastructure selling TATA cars in India. With this huge responsibility, we have taken the onus on ourselves to provide efficient sales and after sales service. Our strong belief is that we are part of the service industry which has lead to tremendous brand equity.

In our organization, every single employee is chosen for a specific purpose and mission. This has helped us align our manpower requirements in a proper and efficient manner. At every single step we strive to be a proficient and responsive company and even our people are required to think this way.

Being part of our organization would also mean stepping into a world of new generation automobiles and transforming industry thinking. To build on the human relations aspect, we make sure a keen sense of customer orientation and focus is imbibed. We often look for professionals who have a high sense of customer satisfaction, dedication, adaptability and commitment. These are viewed as essentials right across the spectrum be it a role directly linked to the operations or a supporting role.

What's more we believe in offering employees the best in terms of a competitive compensation, comprehensive group medical insurance, and flexible compensation package to suit requirements along with attractive incentive packages.
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